Teeth whitening

Whether your desire is to get back the natural shade of your teeth from years ago or to achieve the so called Hollywood smile it’s important to make a right choice of the clinic you will trust. While the market is flooded with the different quick-fix and miracle whitening kits, the most effective and safest option remains the professional route using the products that can by provided only by the dentist. In our clinic Dr Oskar uses only the latest version of world renown and loved by generations professional home whitening system used by the best clinics across United States and Europe.


The procedure involves taking a mould of your teeth which will be used to make the set of bleaching trays that are custom made for your mouth. You will then be supplied with a whitening gel to take home and a small amount of gel is placed in the front surface of each tooth well in the tray and placed in the mouth for the time specified by your dentist. This treatment is repeated for approximately 6 to 12 days or until you have achieved the look you desire.

Dr Oskar has got a years of experience in the field of teeth whitening, during his career tried and worked with many different systems and products so you can be sure that your teeth will be treated in the best possible way.

Most people who would like their smile brightened and improved are good candidates for the procedure but,as each patient is unique, you will need to see your clinician for the consultation prior the treatment.

After initial consultation you will have the impressions taken to produce special tailor made whitening trays and after a week you will receive your kit to use at the comfort of your own home for about 6 to 12 nights. This will be followed by a review appointment when Dr Oskar will check, evaluate and discuss with you the results achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional teeth whitening provided by an experienced dentist does not cause any damage to any of the tooth structures and is absolutely safe.

You may experience some teeth sensitivity during the treatment and straight after but it is always transient and after few days you will return to the sensitivity state from before the treatment.

The product we use is the top of the range of professional products on the market and the kit includes also the desensitising gel and a special toothpaste to be used in case of increased sensitivity.

No, whitening has no effect on any restorative materials so you need to be aware that when your teeth get brighter the difference in shades may become more visible and some fillings and crowns may need replacing for cosmetic reasons.

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